Archive | May, 2010

Watering Tips

by Teresa Odle I live in New Mexico, and our average annual rainfall is less than nine inches. The high desert air dries out plants quickly, especially when temperatures reach the 90s. Watering plants and lawns is essential, although also controversial. So the first rule of watering in dry climates is to select xeric plants […]

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Babbling Brooks

By Teresa Odle If you’re not lucky enough to live next to a river, creek, waterfall or other natural water feature, you can add one to your landscape easily. The reason fountains are so popular is that they block out city sounds and add what I think is one of the most beautiful and calming […]

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Mother’s Day for the Gardener

By Teresa Odle  Mothers who love to garden also love gifts related to gardening. From books to tools to potted plants, you can’t go wrong by giving the gift of earth and growth. For examples, think of a book specific to the mother in your life. Has she been having problems with bugs or diseases […]

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