Archive | June, 2010

Trellis Tips

by Teresa Odle If you’re like me, you prefer looking at a beautiful flowering vine to your neighbor’s garbage can. Even  when  you know and like your neighbors, you enjoy privacy in certain areas of your home and yard. A well-placed trellis can help provide privacy and it’s a practical tool for controlling growth of […]

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Top 10 Most Wanted Garden Pests

by Teresa Odle Each year, American gardeners face frustrating problems with their edible or ornamental gardens. Many of these are caused by likable critters and others by creepy crawlers. Controlling pests requires a little knowledge and attention. Here are’s Top 10 garden pests and a few control tips: 1.Deer- Sorry, but these lovely, peaceful […]

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Container Enthusiasm

By Teresa Odle It’s not just that I love pots, as I say every spring when I shop for herbs and ornamentals to fill the decorative containers that scatter our patios and lawn.  Container gardening has so many benefits that if I could, I’d grow just about everything in containers.  Here’s a partial list of […]

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