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Growing My Way?- Looking Leggy

Two weeks into our company garden project and we have seen quite a bit of growth. The pepper plants finally joined the party, catching up quickly with the onions and tomoatoes. Things were looking great until Day 14 (photo below) when the onions started to look a little leggy and started to wilt. The peppers still […]

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Community Gardening- Life on the Balcony Style

Community Gardening- Life on the Balcony Style

Hello Everyone! Here at MasterGardening we are big fans of a blog called Life on the Balcony which is a terrific resource for any gardener with space issues. Fern, an award winning blogger, gives tips, tricks, projects and ideas for container gardening. Her latest project is a community container garden online! Garden enthusiasts across the globe […]

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Recipe of the Week: Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup

This is a perfect recipe for a mid-week meal. Simply toss all ingredients into a slow cook in the morning and when you arrive home from work dinner is ready. Soups are great for using vegetables put away in the summer with no need to defrost frozen vegetables. When freezing summer vegetables I will often […]

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Going to New Heights to Maximize Your Garden

One of the top trends in gardening for 2011 is vertical gardening. This space saving method is perfect for balconies, decks, patios, indoors, and gardens. Vertical gardening can also add privacy and is easy for those with arthritis or back problem, eliminating bending low to the ground. If your space is large or small you […]

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Featured Product: Smart Pots is now carrying a full line of Smart Pot aeration containers. These unique soft-sided, fabric containers hold their shape, release heat, aerate the root zone, and stops root circling.  The porous fabric allows for water to flow freely, evaporation of excess water and aeration. According to a study by the Univ. of New Hampshire […]

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Recipe of the Week: Mocha Latte Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons are one of those cookies that are really simply to make but look complicated and difficult. Our recipe is a twist on the original with chocolate chips mixed into the cookies and a hint of coffee flavor. The cream of coconut gives the cookie a strong coconut flavor without being overly sweet. Toasty […]

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Growing My Way?: Day Seven

Last week we started our company garden by planting seeds indoors. 7 days later our Yellow Onions and Beefsteak Tomatoes are doing great. We have lots of little seedlings breaking through the dirt. However, our Jalapeño Peppers are just now starting to show; in fact the first tiny sign of life presented itself this […]

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Gardener’s Agenda: February

Feeling the itch to sink your hands in the dirt? Well lucky for you spring is not far off and it’s time to get back in the garden. Here is a helpful list of gardening tasks to do this month. •  Keep bird feeders full until spring. You are their source of food while the ground is […]

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Recipe of the Week: Raspberry Cupcakes with Ganache Frosting

  This cupcake is not your average kiddie fare. In fact it’s all grown-up, likes red wine and imported chocolate while taking a bubble bath. A fresh raspberry puree in the batter gives the cakes a bright pink color and a punch of flavor, while the bitter dark chocolate ganache sets off the sweet cake […]

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Growing My Way? A Seed Starting Adventure

Spring is around the corner and gardeners everywhere are scouring seed catalogs and websites deciding just what plants will make it into their gardens this spring. Everyone here at MasterGardening have been working hard adding tons of new products to our site in preparation of the growing season, researching the latest techniques and trends, and marking […]

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