Community Gardening- Life on the Balcony Style

Hello Everyone!

Here at MasterGardening we are big fans of a blog called Life on the Balcony which is a terrific resource for any gardener with space issues. Fern, an award winning blogger, gives tips, tricks, projects and ideas for container gardening. Her latest project is a community container garden online! Garden enthusiasts across the globe will be growing the same 5 plants (‘Sunspot’ Sunflowers, ‘Purple Petra’ Basil, Garlic Chives, ‘Spacemaster’ Cucumber, and ‘Better Bush’ Tomato) from seed in containers and sharing their triumphs and failures in the process. This is a great way to learn more about gardening with a support group to help make your container garden a success! will be participating and we are pretty excited to grow with the community. You don’t have to grow all 5 plants or any of the same plants. As many have seen MasterGardening has our own company garden under way so we will be trying our peppers, tomatoes, and onions out in containers plus we will be adding in Fern’s selections of sunflowers and chives!

In honor of the Life on the Balcony Community Container Garden will be offering 10% off all pots and planters until March 14th. Just use the coupon code LOTBplanters at checkout.

So, head on over to Life on the Balcony to learn more and join in the discussion.

Looking forward to growing with you!


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