Growing My Way? A Seed Starting Adventure

Spring is around the corner and gardeners everywhere are scouring seed catalogs and websites deciding just what plants will make it into their gardens this spring. Everyone here at MasterGardening have been working hard adding tons of new products to our site in preparation of the growing season, researching the latest techniques and trends, and marking everyday on the calendar for when we can start planting.

Garden lovers that we are, we will be planting a company garden this year for our employee to work and benefit from. Since this garden is going to be located at our offices we are going pretty simple starting with just 3 vegetables, Jalapeño Peppers, Spanish Yellow Onions, and Beefsteak Tomatoes. We have a few salsa lovers here at that choose the plants.

This week we checked the frost chart for the hundredth time and finally jumped for joy when we discovered we were 8 weeks out from the last frost. Time to plant our seeds! We gathered all our supplies and got to work.

We started with a mini-greenhouse seed tray and filled it with an All-Purpose potting soil, keeping the soil line ½ to ¾ inch from the rim. Wet the soil down until it is moist but not soggy. Next, we spread our seeds out evenly in the soil, keeping each plant’s seeds separate from the others. All of our seeds were small; so we just took small pinches of seeds and slowly sprinkled them onto the soil. After all the seeds were laid out we topped them with about ¼ inch of soil on top. We then lightly watered again. Always be sure to use a watering can with a soft spray, one with a rose attachment is best. A harsh spray can dislodge seeds and cause them to float to the surface.

After watering, we placed the cover on the mini-greenhouse seed tray and then set it in a sunny spot- a southwest facing window is best. While seeds need warmth more than light to germinate hanging a grow light above the tray will give seedlings the best chance of producing strong healthy plants. The light should hang about 1 inch from the cover after the seeds sprout and the cover is removed we will want to continue to adjust the light so it is always 1 inch from the tops of the plants. The grow light should remain on for 16 hours a day. We are using a programmable outlet timer so that the grow light turns on and off automatically. (We love our jobs but we’re not here 16 hours a day)

It should be about 10 days until we see any sprouts and could be up to 15 days for the onions.

Follow along with us and see how our little seeds are doing. We will be posting updates throughout the season. If you would like to grow with us and start your own garden from seeds check out or easy Seed Starting Guide.

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