Plant a Colorful and Enjoyable Cutting Garden



There is nothing like a house full of fresh flower arrangements to brighten your day. When planning your garden this year consider adding a cutting garden. Flower arrangements can be expensive and uninspiring but with a cutting garden you can keep your house full of fresh flowers throughout the growing season. Cutting gardens are great for beginners since there are no steadfast rules. It is also perfect for tucked away corners of the yard such as behind a shed or garage. Since cutting gardens are often snipped down to just a few blooms it is nice to place it in a spot where only the gardener will see it.

Unlike traditional gardens there is no need to worry about aesthetics and artistically planed out plots. Group each plant species together and plant in squares for easier cutting.  You want to make it easy to access all the plants, raised flower beds are a great way to accomplish this. Traditionally, repeat blooming annuals are the most popular choice for cutting gardens since you will get a longer season, which means more cheerful arrangements in your home. However you can plant any flower that has a long and sturdy stem to hold up the flower in an arrangement. It is also preferred that the flower maintain its appearance for several days after cutting. For this reason daylilies which only bloom for one day or petunias which have small stems would not make good choices for cut flowers. Mixing spring, summer and fall blooms will give you the best results with a garden consistently in bloom.

Don’t forget to get creative with your arrangements. Berries, trees, shrubs and other foliage plants add texture and color to arrangements. Even fruits and vegetables from you kitchen garden can add a fun and unexpected flare to your arrangements. Try kale, artichokes, limes, broccoli, or small gourds.

A few helpful tips to make your cutting garden a success
Plant linear, filler and round flowers to make visually interesting arrangements
Start with a good compost such as worm castings
Cover soil with a good layer of mulch to keep out weeds and conserve water
Keep plants blooming by cutting exhausted blooms
Plant garden in area with god sun exposure

Our Favorite Annuals for cutting gardens:
Blue lace flower

Our Favorite Perennials for cutting gardens:
Ornamental Grasses
Japanese Anemone
Oriental Poppy
Clustered bellflower


What is your favorite cutting garden flower?

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2 Responses to “Plant a Colorful and Enjoyable Cutting Garden”

  1. Kara
    February 4, 2011 at 3:47 pm #

    Red poppies are my favorite cutting flower! So simple and bright in a vase or a vintage jam jar.

  2. Becky
    May 3, 2011 at 6:44 pm #

    Cosmos. They are lovely and EASY to grow!

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