Featured Product: Elevated Cedar Garden Bed by Gronomics®

New for 2011, MasterGardening.com has a full line of garden beds, planters and even a pergola all from Gronomics®. Handcrafted in the USA and made of 100% Western Red Cedar these garden planters offer tool-free assembly so you can be gardening in minutes instead of hours. Beds come with custom-cut landscape fabric to make set up even quicker. Gronomics® products are even perfect for the Square Foot Gardening technique. By planting with a grid system you can conserve water, minimize weeding, maximize harvest in smaller space that conventional gardens.

The Elevated Garden Beds make a lovely addition to any deck or patio and are great for growing herbs, salad greens, flowers, and small vegetables. In addition the ergonomically designed Elevated Garden Bed eliminates back breaking gardening, which makes gardening easy and more accessible for all ages. This design also allows access for those in wheelchairs.

Elevated Garden Beds can be moved around your patio, deck or yard quickly and easily unlike traditional garden beds. If your yard has soil or drainage issues then an elevated garden bed is a great choice allowing you to create a fertile, well-drained bed. Elevated beds are also low-maintenance, the cedar will weather beautifully and never needs to be stained or painted. Elevated beds confine soil, dead leaves and other debris and also keep plantings out of reach of burrowing pest such as rabbits, moles, and groundhogs.

The Elevated Garden Bed comes in the following three sizes:

Elevated Garden Bed 18 – 34 – 32
Product Dimensions: 18″W x 34″L x 32″ H
Garden Dimensions: 32″L x 15.5″W x 10.5″Depth
Soil Capacity: 3 Cubic Feet

Elevated Garden Bed 24 – 48 – 30
Product Dimensions: 24″W x 48″L x 30″ H
Garden Dimensions: 46.25″L x 22″W x 10.5″Depth
Soil Capacity: 6 Cubic Feet

Elevated Garden Bed 34 – 48 – 32
Product Dimensions: 34″W x 48″L x 32″ H
Garden Dimensions: 46.25″L x 32″W x 10.5″Depth
Soil Capacity: 9 Cubic Feet


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  1. Jeanene Miller
    February 8, 2011 at 11:08 am #

    This is a dream come true! I have been wanting a true “raised” bed that is really high, so I can do more gardening since I hurt my back. I need a bunch of them…or bigger to do all my gardening.

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