Growing My Way?: Day Seven

Last week we started our company garden by planting seeds indoors. 7 days later our Yellow Onions and Beefsteak Tomatoes are doing great. We have lots of little seedlings breaking through the dirt. However, our Jalapeño Peppers are just now starting to show; in fact the first tiny sign of life presented itself this morning. The mini-greenhouse seed tray and grow light set up in our office has become our “water cooler.” Staff members stop buy at various points of the day to remark on the growth or give input on temperature, moisture, and sunlight. 

The seed packets said it would take anywhere from 7-15 days for the seeds to germinate so we must be doing something right to have so many little seedlings after only 7 days. We are using a mini-greenhouse which traps most of the moisture and heat keeping our soil temperatures around 75-80 degrees. Our grow-light  is supplementing our natural sunlight from our southwest facing window. The light will really be beneficial once we remove the cover to our mini-greenhouse, giving the seedlings the needed 16 hours of “sunlight.” 

Continue to follow along with us and see how our little seedlings are doing. We will be posting updates throughout the season. If you would like to grow with us and start your own garden from seeds check out or easy Seed Starting Guide.

Seed Tray Day 7

Row of onions

Tomato Seedlings

Tomatoes leaning towards the morning sun.

One tiny pepper sprout breaking the surface.

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