Growing My Way?- Looking Leggy

Two weeks into our company garden project and we have seen quite a bit of growth. The pepper plants finally joined the party, catching up quickly with the onions and tomoatoes. Things were looking great until Day 14 (photo below) when the onions started to look a little leggy and started to wilt. The peppers still loved the heat and humidity of the mini-greenhouse but the tomatoes were brushing the cover. We deicide it was time to transplant, though normally we would not recommend transplanting such young plants.

The tomatoes and peppers were divided up and planted into peat pot, then placed in the sunny southeast facing window. (Extra plants were sent home with employees to start their own gardens!) The tomatoes and peppers went through a bit of transplant shock but two days later with the exception of a few, looked back to normal.

The onions were a bit of a challenge. Their root structure is mainly 1 long root at this point that likes to tangle with its neighbors. We had to be very gentle when removing them from the soil. The onions went into a 15 gallon Smart Pot that we placed on an old baking pan and then folded the pot down so that it was about 8 inches high. After transplanting the onions we gave them a bit of trim, (you can see the cuttings in the photo below) so that they were about 3 inches tall. This really helped them perk up. We also planted a couple tomato and pepper plants between the 3 rows of onions.

We used the same Professional Potting Soil when transplanting as we did when we sowed our seeds. The Smart Pot was place back under the grow light to give supplemental sunlight since the Smart Pot blocks the light from the window.

More pictures of our seedlings can be found on our Facebook page.

We have placed tomatoes and pepper plants in both the Smart Pot and the peat pots. Which do you think will do better?

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