Start Seeds Now for Spring Planting

Now’s the time to get a jump start on your spring planting by germinating your seeds indoors while it is still too cold for outdoor planting. Planting your garden from seed is economical, environmentally friendly and rewarding, according to

“Starting seeds indoors allows them to start life in a controlled environment, greatly increasing their chances when introduced to your backyard garden,” states Martin Havrilla, Marketing Manager for

Germinating seeds indoors is easier than ever with seed germination trays, grow lights and heat mats, which almost always guarantee success. Once seeds are large enough to be transplanted, it is best to transition them to a cold frame before being exposed to the elements completely. This hardening-off period in a cold frame will give young seedlings the greatest chance of survival.

Starting your garden from seed allows the gardener to control what comes in contact with their plants, fruits and vegetables, such as pesticides and fertilizers. Growing organic produce at home costs significantly less than buying it at your grocer. Also, by eliminating the energy and fuel it takes for produce to travel from grower to grocer and finally consumer, food harvested from your garden is eco-friendly.

An additional benefit of starting your garden from seed is the variety of seeds versus plants at a nursery. “Seed retailers will have hundreds if not thousands of seed to choose from, you just can’t get that type of selection at a nursery,” added Havrilla.

Spring may seem like a long way off but planning your garden now will save you a lot of time and money when spring planting begins. has a resource center with articles on everything from Pest Protection, Composting 101, to a very helpful Seed Starting: A How-to Guide.‘s 2011 seeds are now available for purchase. The company offers organic and smart seeds for a wide variety of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. This year they will add to their extensive list of seeds by offering gourds and a selection of new seed kits including “Grow Your Own Bird House,” “Salsa Garden,” and “Cactus Garden” kits.

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