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Corn and Crab Salad

Spring is in full bloom in my area and I have been spending a lot of time outside in the garden tilling, pruning, weeding, planting and more. After all that time outside I am looking for a quick and fresh dinner that doesn’t heat my whole house.  This is a perfect midweek dinner (especially if […]

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Mother’s Day Ideas Straight from the Garden

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to thank all the moms in your life; whether it’s a sister, aunt, grandmother, friend, or actually your mom for all they do throughout the year. If that mom happens to enjoy ‘growing their own’ why not give them a gardening gift to make their garden tasks even more […]

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Our Favorite Garden Inspired Easter Decorations

  Need a little garden inspiration for your Easter and spring decorations? We have rounded up 6 fantastic and simple ideas for your home.   Source: This easter tree is created by force blooming forsythia branches indoors and adoring them with eggs. The eggs are patchwork eggs created by Purlbee, get the full tutorial here – […]

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Recipe of the Week: Lemon Tuscan Sun Muffins

For me citrus and spring just go together. I love a nice citrus fruit salad, shish kabobs with pineapple, or a tangy margarita. Now I have new favorite citrus recipe- Lemon Tuscan Sun Muffins. These muffins are super moist, and since there is no power mixers a little dense. The ricotta cheese adds a great […]

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Our Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Plant a Tree Trees provide sound buffers, reduce utility bills, improve property values, prevent soil erosion, provide wildlife habitats and freshens the air! If those are not enough reasons then plant a tree for future generations. While trees grow and mature they bring years of beauty and delight to those near. With any luck your […]

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Don’t Be Found Guilty of Crepe Murder!

  We love getting questions here on our blog, through our website or on Facebook! Recently, Donna Leonhard Zimmerman asked us a question on Facebook page which we thought deserved its own posting: “Can anyone there tell me if my Crepe Myrtle will come back after my son cut it down to the ground earlier […]

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Cash Crops: Getting the Biggest Bang For Your Buck in the Garden

Every gardening season there is always a debate on whether growing your own food really saves you money. The fact is that 84% of the price of your food goes to marketing. Gas prices are rising which effects all transported products prices. In turn food prices also get a bump up. Growing your own food […]

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Spring Training Garden Style

Well it has been a few weeks since we checked in with our company garden seedlings. The beefsteak tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and Spanish yellow onions are alive and well. Last week we transplanted our onions into a Smart Pot with Albion strawberries. This combination will help ward off pests and disease keeping our strawberries for […]

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Gardener’s Agenda- April

Spring has finally arrived. Now is the time to finish all your garden prep. Here is a helpful list of gardening tasks to do this month. • Clean out bird houses and baths. Proper cleaning can help prevent the spread of avian diseases. Mount new bird houses now in time for nesting. • Azaleas, camellas, […]

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A Sweet and Beautiful Addition to the Garden

Our company garden has been flourishing in the last few weeks. Our peppers, tomatoes and onions are all set to venture out into the great outdoors later this week! For now we have decided that our company garden really needed a boost of sweetness. Therefore we raided our warehouse for supplies and headed outside to […]

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