Growing My Way? Digging Time

Our company garden is really taking shape, last week we installed our raised beds and finished installing our 20′ x 30′ deer fence. We used a DeerBusters deer fence and you can find tons of helpful information including installation videos on their site-

Once all the beds were prepared it was time to plant our vegetables. If you have been following our company garden adventure you will know we started tomatoes, peppers and onions from seed a while back and all these plants finally went into the garden this week. In addition to our beefsteak tomatoesjalapeño peppers and yellow onions we also planted MasterGardening rhubarb and asparagus live roots.

Here is a rough layout of our garden now. You can see the gentlemen of the office decided to get fancy by turning one raised bed to make a diamond (in reality it mainly just looks crooked, but hey they tried!).

As you can see we have plenty of room to add 2 more raised beds as our garden grows. In addition to what is shown here we also have several containers with strawberries, onions, herbs and more! To encourage the bees and other garden helper to visit our garden I direct sowed sunflowers around the perimeter of the garden plus some native wild flowers.

When some of the guys in the office installed the raised beds they got a little zealous, we originally planned to have just two beds however, when I came to work the next day I saw that number had grown. Our garden now consists of  4 raised beds, 3- 4×4 Frame It All beds and 1- Gronomics 34″x 95″ cedar raised bed.  We have tons of room for all our plants and a little left over, even with the additional live plants we had acquired over the past few weeks. Extra space in the garden just means I get to make a trip to the local garden center. Won’t be complaining about that! :o)

Here are a few snap shots from the garden.

I just love our Gronomics Raised bed, it was very easy to put together (requiring no tools) and it looks fabulous. Plus, it smells great! As you can see we still have some room in this bed for additional plants.

What plants do you think we should add to our company garden?

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