Out with the Bolting in with the Seeds

As I mentioned last week we have had some bolting greens in the community garden over the last few weeks due to record heat and no rain. Our collards were the first to go followed shortly after by the spinach. Those spring greens just couldn’t take the heat.

Luckily for us temperatures have now settled back to normal for our area hovering in the 80’s during the day and dropping into the 60’s at night. As a bonus we have finally got a few good soaking rains! As a result the garden is looking great. Check out all the progress:



Gronomic’s Cedar Bed- Beefsteak Tomatoes & More


Red Onions


Jalapeno Peppers


We cleared out the collards and spinach making way for new plantings. The collards were in the same bed as our cabbage and lettuce, which is now protected by our shade hut. In this bed we decided to try some Cherry Belle radishes since they are quick growers at 22 days to harvest. While radishes generally love full sun, we think they will still get plenty of sun under the shade hut. We are also going to add cucumbers. This bed is all spring veggies so by the time our cucumbers start getting big we will have pulled our lettuce and cabbage. Plus, as an added bonus cucumbers and radishes are a classic companion planting pair.

Our spinach was planted in our largest bed along with our beefsteak tomatoes, broccoli, mustard greens, zucchini and more. In this bed we have decided to add pumpkins! I love holidays so I am excited about all the fall holiday decorating and baking I will get to do with the pumpkins.

Shade hut bed ready to plant again.

When replanting in the garden you want to make sure to do the proper prep work. Remove all of the old plants and loosen the soil well. The next step is to give the soil a nutrient boost with compost or fertilizer. We added some Dr. Earth’s Organic Vegetable fertilizer to the soil and then direct sowed the seeds about ½ inch below the surface.  The bed will need to be kept moist with light watering until our seeds have turned into strong seedlings.

What crops replace your spring greens in the garden?


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