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Planting Now for a Fall Garden

Planting Now for a Fall Garden

Now is the time to plant your fall garden and get a few more months of fresh vegetables. Some plants produce higher quality and more flavorful vegetables when they are allowed to mature during cooler weather, which makes late summer/early fall the perfect time for these veggies. While there is still plenty of time to […]

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Out with the Bolting in with the Seeds

As I mentioned last week we have had some bolting greens in the community garden over the last few weeks due to record heat and no rain. Our collards were the first to go followed shortly after by the spinach. Those spring greens just couldn’t take the heat. Luckily for us temperatures have now settled […]

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Growing My Way? Heat Waves Lead to Shade Huts

With temperatures rising across the country many gardeners are now witnessing their early spring crops starting to bolt. Our company garden has seen a heat wave with record highs and a 3 week dry spell that caused our collards and spinach to go to seed. We cleaned them out depositing the stems in our composter […]

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Growing My Way? Digging Time

Our company garden is really taking shape, last week we installed our raised beds and finished installing our 20′ x 30′ deer fence. We used a DeerBusters deer fence and you can find tons of helpful information including installation videos on their site- Once all the beds were prepared it was time to plant […]

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Spring Training Garden Style

Well it has been a few weeks since we checked in with our company garden seedlings. The beefsteak tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and Spanish yellow onions are alive and well. Last week we transplanted our onions into a Smart Pot with Albion strawberries. This combination will help ward off pests and disease keeping our strawberries for […]

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A Sweet and Beautiful Addition to the Garden

Our company garden has been flourishing in the last few weeks. Our peppers, tomatoes and onions are all set to venture out into the great outdoors later this week! For now we have decided that our company garden really needed a boost of sweetness. Therefore we raided our warehouse for supplies and headed outside to […]

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Growing My Way? Sprouts and King Cakes

Day 22 and our company garden is doing great after we transplanted the seedlings into bigger homes last week. We did lose a few plants but that was due to heat more than transplanting; someone who shall remain nameless (me) left the grow light on over the weekend and a few plants dried out. A […]

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Growing My Way?- Looking Leggy

Two weeks into our company garden project and we have seen quite a bit of growth. The pepper plants finally joined the party, catching up quickly with the onions and tomoatoes. Things were looking great until Day 14 (photo below) when the onions started to look a little leggy and started to wilt. The peppers still […]

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Growing My Way?: Day Seven

Last week we started our company garden by planting seeds indoors. 7 days later our Yellow Onions and Beefsteak Tomatoes are doing great. We have lots of little seedlings breaking through the dirt. However, our Jalapeño Peppers are just now starting to show; in fact the first tiny sign of life presented itself this […]

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Growing My Way? A Seed Starting Adventure

Spring is around the corner and gardeners everywhere are scouring seed catalogs and websites deciding just what plants will make it into their gardens this spring. Everyone here at MasterGardening have been working hard adding tons of new products to our site in preparation of the growing season, researching the latest techniques and trends, and marking […]

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