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Growing My Way? Heat Waves Lead to Shade Huts

With temperatures rising across the country many gardeners are now witnessing their early spring crops starting to bolt. Our company garden has seen a heat wave with record highs and a 3 week dry spell that caused our collards and spinach to go to seed. We cleaned them out depositing the stems in our composter […]

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Have No Fear Direct Sowing is Here!

We have talked a lot about seed starting over the last few months. You have seen our seeds sprout, grow into strong little seedlings and make their way to their permanent garden home. Starting seeds indoors give your plants the best chance of a healthy survival. However, there are plenty of plants out there that […]

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Maximize Growing Space with Intercropping

Gardening in small spaces can be a challenge and often gardeners result in choosing just a few plants to grow because of space limitations. This however does not need to be the case; a gardener can plant twice the plants in the same space using intercropping. Intercropping is when two or more crops are growing […]

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