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Blossom End Rot

Black Bottom Tomatoes: What’s the Cause and How to Fix it

You head out into the garden to check the progress of your prized tomatoes only to find dark waterlogged spots on the bottom of the fruit. You then check your zucchini and notice the blossom end of the small fruit has shriveled and turned brown. Don’t panic!  While your plants are suffering from a disease, […]

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Out with the Bolting in with the Seeds

As I mentioned last week we have had some bolting greens in the community garden over the last few weeks due to record heat and no rain. Our collards were the first to go followed shortly after by the spinach. Those spring greens just couldn’t take the heat. Luckily for us temperatures have now settled […]

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Memorial Day Giveaway!

It has been awhile since we had a giveaway on MasterGardening Blog so when I realized Memorial Day weekend was approaching I got a little excited. I love holidays since they are a great excuse to give some of our great products away! Recently while touring our warehouse I came across a Simple Garden starter […]

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Growing My Way? Digging Time

Our company garden is really taking shape, last week we installed our raised beds and finished installing our 20′ x 30′ deer fence. We used a DeerBusters deer fence and you can find tons of helpful information including installation videos on their site- DeerBusters.com. Once all the beds were prepared it was time to plant […]

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Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers

I love canning. The chopping, cooking, jarring, and most of all the eating! I am always happy to take any extra jars of garden goodness off my family and friends hands. It always amazes me how many vegetables and fruits can be canned and in so many ways. Once the harvest starts rolling in canning […]

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Cash Crops: Getting the Biggest Bang For Your Buck in the Garden

Every gardening season there is always a debate on whether growing your own food really saves you money. The fact is that 84% of the price of your food goes to marketing. Gas prices are rising which effects all transported products prices. In turn food prices also get a bump up. Growing your own food […]

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Urban Gardening Round-Up

Here at MasterGardening.com we think everyone should be able to reap the benefits of gardening no matter how small their space. That’s why we are now a sponsor for Urban Organic Gardener. Mike at Urban Organic Gardener, dishes up a serving of great urban gardening advice every week through trial and error. We love this […]

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Recipe of the Week: Shrimp Étouffée

In honor of Mardi Gras, which is on Tuesday, we cooked up a popular Cajun dish that highlights fresh garden vegetables and succulent shrimp. This hardest part of this meal is the chopping. As with most Cajun dishes this meal starts with a roux and contains the trinity (bell pepper, celery, and onion) and the […]

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Growing My Way? Sprouts and King Cakes

Day 22 and our company garden is doing great after we transplanted the seedlings into bigger homes last week. We did lose a few plants but that was due to heat more than transplanting; someone who shall remain nameless (me) left the grow light on over the weekend and a few plants dried out. A […]

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Stem Coiling- A Leggy Tomato Solution

Last week in our company garden we transplanted the seedlings because they were outgrowing their seed tray. The onions and tomatoes were also looking a little leggy. The onions were easy to fix by just trimming the greens down to 3 inches. (You can use the greens in salads too!) The tomatoes were a little […]

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