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Not Your Grandpa’s Garden: Thinking Outside The Row

Close your eyes and picture a vegetable garden. Chances are you just saw a rectangular bed with neat and tidy rows of green- just like grandpa’s, your mother’s and your neighbor’s gardens. When starting a new garden it is easy to go straight to the old standards and overlook the beauty that can be achieved […]

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Going to New Heights to Maximize Your Garden

One of the top trends in gardening for 2011 is vertical gardening. This space saving method is perfect for balconies, decks, patios, indoors, and gardens. Vertical gardening can also add privacy and is easy for those with arthritis or back problem, eliminating bending low to the ground. If your space is large or small you […]

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Gardener’s Agenda: February

Feeling the itch to sink your hands in the dirt? Well lucky for you spring is not far off and it’s time to get back in the garden. Here is a helpful list of gardening tasks to do this month. •  Keep bird feeders full until spring. You are their source of food while the ground is […]

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Trellis Tips

by Teresa Odle If you’re like me, you prefer looking at a beautiful flowering vine to your neighbor’s garbage can. Even  when  you know and like your neighbors, you enjoy privacy in certain areas of your home and yard. A well-placed trellis can help provide privacy and it’s a practical tool for controlling growth of […]

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