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Ticks: A Warm Winter Threat

Ticks: A Warm Winter Threat

Last week we had a bout of lovely unseasonably warm temperatures and decided to take advantage of the warm evening by taking our Boston terrier on a long walk around the dog path adjacent to our neighborhood. Later that evening while giving our pup a good scratch behind the ears we made the awful discovery […]

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Fall Garden

Preparing the Garden for Old Man Winter

Cool weather is here to stay and that means cleaning up the lawn and garden for a long winters rest. Fall cleanup doesn’t have to be the time and labor intensive task you dread with a good plan. First things first, clean out the vegetable beds. Remove all dead or dying plants and pluck the […]

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Have No Fear Direct Sowing is Here!

We have talked a lot about seed starting over the last few months. You have seen our seeds sprout, grow into strong little seedlings and make their way to their permanent garden home. Starting seeds indoors give your plants the best chance of a healthy survival. However, there are plenty of plants out there that […]

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Gardener’s Agenda: February

Feeling the itch to sink your hands in the dirt? Well lucky for you spring is not far off and it’s time to get back in the garden. Here is a helpful list of gardening tasks to do this month. •  Keep bird feeders full until spring. You are their source of food while the ground is […]

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Recipe of the Week: Raspberry Cupcakes with Ganache Frosting

  This cupcake is not your average kiddie fare. In fact it’s all grown-up, likes red wine and imported chocolate while taking a bubble bath. A fresh raspberry puree in the batter gives the cakes a bright pink color and a punch of flavor, while the bitter dark chocolate ganache sets off the sweet cake […]

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Recipe of the Week: Lean Mean Winter Chili

We have been experiences a bout of snowy weather here on the east coast, and there is something about a cold snowy evening that makes me crave a hot bowl of chili and fresh baked corn bread. Chili is a great hearty meal that can be stretched to accommodate any unexpected dinner guests and with most ingredients straight from […]

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Homemade Cleaning Products: Economical and Eco-Friendly

When the snow starts to fall I fall down with cabin fever. Being trapped indoors makes me restless, however it is a great time to get some much needed cleaning done around the house. Only downside to cleaning in the winter is you can’t open a window to air out the cleaning fumes from all […]

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Winter Watch – Prepare Your Garden

by Teresa Odle Winter’s on the way in most parts of the country. As the temperatures dip into the 40s or lower, it’s time to prepare perennials, bring in houseplants and do a little clean-up. There are two main considerations in preparing perennials. One is to help them remain hardy throughout the winter; the other […]

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Extend your growing season with a cold frame!

Cold temperatures have arrived!  Extend your growing season with one of our great new cold frames, including the brand new Juwel 1000 Easy Fix!

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